Wednesday, May 3, 2017

El Escorial, 2

Continuing our 2017 visit to El Escorial...
Now we are in the first floor of the immense two-story cloister;
no view into the cloister, however

Ceiling over grand staircase

Painter explaining ceiling painting to royalty

Now we are in three large halls with paintings; there are scores/
hundreds of paintings at El Escorial but only these few are
displayed, labeled; here, a very giant El Greco

Penultimate Supper; looked like rabbit to us

Architectural archives

Now in the royal mausoleum; infant mortality very high in
those days

Gloomy staircase leading down to the crypt where the Biggies
are buried; I had hoped to get pix of the tombs of Phil II and
particularly Charles V, but the guard there was all business
and no cell phone to be distracted by

Take a picture of the tiles, she said

Now in the Bourbon section of the palace; a meeting room
for dignitaries done in the most atrocious mustard/Gothic ever

The best thing about our visit to El Escorial was meeting up
with the travel book/map distributor, Philip, who supplied us
with the much-needed 8th edition of the Portuguese El Camino
book we had sought in Madrid; after coffee with him and his
wife and son, we took his advice for a stroll in a park near
El Escorial

Another good thing: this Bosch board game in the gift shoppe!
Only a single panel of any Bosch was in view in the palace/
monastery, and it was unlabeled...
El Escorial in our rear-view mirror; isn't there a CW song about
this?  headed for Avila

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Tawana said...

We had the same opinion. Cold, grey, unhappy place. The tombs of the children in the family mausoleum were so sad.