Thursday, May 11, 2017

Ecija, 2017

We stopped in Ecija briefly in 2010, one of our earliest experiences trying to drive a 6m camper into a medieval warren. After backing up a ways, with crowd assistance, we parked precariously, and I ventured out briefly for a look. En route from Seville to Cordoba in 2017, we stopped again at Ecija, easily found a great parking area, then spent a couple hours exploring the beautiful old town of towers and old buildings. When we were in Ecija in 2010, things looked rather run-down. Clearly there has been a change...
Roman forum discovered beneath present day plaza

Prize to be awarded for best caption...

Street scene

In the beautiful public library, getting a map and some very
helpful advice

Love the patio thing, tiles, grill-work, etc.

At the local historical museum, an educators'
conference is going on

Lecture hall

We both miss our professional colleagues...
some of them

Oh well, back to retirement, traveling, and towers

Main plaza

Among the variety of old palacios

Religious observance going on

A beautiful old Renaissance building I noticed in 2010, now
undergoing renovation

Palacio de Penaflor...16th century

More palacios

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