Monday, May 15, 2017

Costa del Sol and Pueblos Blancos

From Malaga we drove further down the coast, just to remind ourselves how heavily developed and uninteresting it is, and then we drove up into the mountains, skirting Ronda, to see a few of the Pueblos Blanco, the famed White Cities, spending the night at an aire in Olvera. After Olvera, we drove to Arcos de la Frontera, far enough to remember that the White Cities are mainly, um, white, that they are hard to get to, and impossible to park in. It was time to head for Portugal, by way of ancient Rome.
Shakespeare's fish and chips; full English breakfast 24x7
Continuous condos, hotels, motels, strip shopping malls, gated
communities, as far as the eye can see; also occasional beaches

So it says

As far as the eye can see

Also amusement parks and associated round-abouts; we headed
up into the mountains

Rain hindered our progress, but we finally ended up in Olvera

Which is known chiefly for its olive oil; and landscape

Looking up to the town from the aire

Closer up

Our encampment; with electricity, 6 euros

The aire also had tourist motel rooms, a kiddie park, an heritage
center, and a decent resto/cafe/bar

And a view of Olvera

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Tawana said...

Beautiful towns. We have been to a couple of the white cities, but not this one. I am loving your always!