Saturday, May 13, 2017

Cordoba's Fiesta of Patios, 2

Lots of flowers, but not nearly enough for me...
Half-time treat: salmorejo, a Cordoban specialty: an especially
thick gazpachoey soup, very complex spices, topped with jamon
bits and bits of hard-boiled egg; we shared 3 of these

From this place, which was just a temporary snack place in the
alley...loved the name, San Basilio En Patios (all this was on
Calle San Basilio
We followed some others, obviously not church-goers, ducking
into this church

And were amazed at the gold leaf in just a little
parish church

Another patio

Another well and a collection of old implements

Old washboard

Another shrimp plant...a major ornamental

Pots in a street window

More lines

More patios

More wells

Watering can for high pots

And another shrimp plant

No patio (the sign says); no problem; just paint one on the wall

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Tawana said...

Your patio photos are wonderful!