Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Convento De Cristo, 2

Continuing our tour of the Convento de Cristo in Tomar...
Renaissance staircase to the upper floor of one
of the many cloisters

Downward view

View of cloister


The church, rotunda at far end

Closer-up of the "other" door; note everyone
is reading
Now in one of the dormitory areas

Another cloister hall

The very famous Manueline window; very
late Gothic

Closer-up...much Portuguese imagery...cork
tree, maravelle, seafaring imagery, etc.; did I
mention that Henry the Navigator was Grand
Master of the order and that it achieved
perhaps its greatest victories under him?

Gothic bit

One of not many funny faces

One of the most interesting items--several large pieces of
obviously Roman floor mosaic on (undesignated) display in
one of the rooms

Now in one of the several gift shoppes; mostly warfare

And a nice selection of Portuguese wines

Including Templar wines!

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