Sunday, May 7, 2017

Avila's Walls

So, finally, we walked Avila's walls, as much as are open...several kilometers anyway. We've seen our share of ancient city walls. Avila's are indeed quite impressive, both the extent and the preservation.
There are only three entrances to the walls;
here's one; the ticket booth is the tiled little
building below; the steps comparable to the
"Gringo Killer" on the Camino Inka, but with
a handrail; note Celtic pig in background

Atop the wall and walking most of it; looking back at the

Defender's view of city square

The countryside

Everything signed, described; different ethnic//social/economic
groups had different sections of the wall to defend

Defender's view of nice restaurant to be defended

Looking back to cathedral, again

Of course contemporary Avila extends well beyond the old walls

Spare parts

A privacy fence?!

Well, yes, some of the houses are built quite close to the wall

Celtic pig replica; one of the major jamon-producing areas,
Guijuelo, is nearby
It goes on, and on...

Looking to the convention center camper-stop where we spent
the night

On and on...

From without, again

Beautifully lit

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Tawana said...

We love walled cities. The night photos are spectacular!