Sunday, May 7, 2017

Avila Cathedral

I can't pass up a cathedral, and Avila's, though not famous, was of interest.
Full front view; wait, no, main facade view

Sort of mixed Romanesque/Gothic; the Gothic memo got to Spain
just in time for Baroque

Elevation; lots of light in the nave

The usual gorgeous screen, which 1) prevents anyone from
seeing the full extent of the building, and 2) prevents the knaves
from seeing the hocus-pocus the priests are up to

Internal buttressing

What was of interest to me was the mixture of
red and cream colored stone mostly in the
vaulting over ambulatory

The lighting emphasized it, but it was still

Sculpture in the ambulatory...mostly figures
reading; here St. Jerome is reading to his pet
lion, St. Leo

More reading




Helpful model

In the treasury/museum/whatever

Priestly vestments department

Nice-looking cloister, but the stone is deteriorating and it is
both screened and glassed off

Nice cathedral; interestingly, it's built right into the wall; more
about which anon

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