Saturday, May 20, 2017

Anta Grande Do Zambujeiro

We visited the Anta Grande do Zambujeiro--The Big One--in 2010. It is the largest of dolmens known, so far. Anywhere. In 2010, it was raining, and getting to the anta was a kilometer-long slog on a muddy track. Vicki stayed behind, guarding the camper, while I slogged. See The big difference for 2017 is that a) she got to see it, and b) there were bodies to provide scale, perspective. Important for questions of size. Zambujeiro is the biggest. So far as I could see, the site had not changed in these seven years.

The problem with Alentejo is that there are rocks--megaliths--
everywhere, and everywhere you look, you see something that
is or could be or was, a dolmen

After a brief hike, we're there

And in English too

So large, so important, it's under a cover

For scale; only, this is just the little bit

Sexy pose on what might have been the roof of the ante-chamber

Vicki approaching the big bits

Peering inside; these puppies are probably 5
meters high

Roof of the great chamber

Other side

Outlier of some sort, dressed; or maybe just another megalith
randomly laying about in this megalithic wonderland