Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Anta Do Tapadao

Now in the northern Alentaje, there was another huge dolmen to see, the Anta do Tapadao. This one was relatively easy to find, signed, even, and on a paved road. We have been very impressed by megalithic Portugal, both by the numerous sites and by their relative accessibility. The Alentaje was a megalithic center no less than the other great ones, and much remains to be discovered and understood.

The Alentaje west of the mountainous border with Spain is
a big rock wonderland, glaciers passing by, leaving huge rocks,
precariously balanced sometimes, beached whales, and other
zoomorphic curiosities, we speculate; and, perhaps, easy work
for the megalith builders

This goes on for miles upon miles


Anyhow, after closing the gate and walking a bit, there is the
day's megalithic goal, the great Anta do Tapadao

Right next to it, a zoomorphic wonder, the Dragon of San
Miguel (it's a dragon's head, snout to the right, an eye in the

Anyhow, back to the Anta, which is huge

A very deep chamber


Me, for scale; the thing is a monster


Vicki by the dragon

Entrance to the dolmen

Other views

The Dragon again

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Rebecca said...

WOW! That thing is enormous! Glad you took the pic of you inside for scale--I had no idea until I saw that one!