Thursday, April 27, 2017

Tarragona Roman Museum, 2

Continuing our visit to the National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona...
Counter weight for a scale


Looking from the museum top floor out to the

Ships' anchors

This low-riding tanker was anchored off Tarragona the two
days we were there; we wondered what made the city so
prosperous-looking and well-maintained...and when we drove
on to Madrid, we passed the largest refinery complex and
tank farm we have yet seen...

Falo antropomorfo, the sign said; a reproduction
of the god Priapo

Nice, very large mosaic, especially for seafood lovers

Huge hall of statues, busts

Marcus Aurelius

Another big hall

Euterpe, flute muse

Tarragona main square; beautiful, interesting place; we should
have stay longer, but for our date at the Seville feria
Parthian shot: Modernista garage

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