Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tarragona Cathedral, 2

Continuing our visit to Tarragon's cathedral...
Wandering a bit, here we are behind the altar...

And now in the treasury; has anyone ever retold the St. George
story from the dragon's point of view?

"Put your snout under the spout where the Gospel comes out"

Great preservation all around

Sumo double-flutist, back in the cloister

Best funny face

The rats' funeral procession...they're carrying a dead cat

But the cat then springs to life...the theological point is lost on
me; something about resurrection?

Beautiful and beautifully maintained cloister

Tower from within the cloister

Killing the three guys

More interesting capitals

Celtic, yes?

A brother trying to escape?

Now in the cathedral's museum (!); mosaic from a nearby villa

Sarcophagus of Apollo and the 9 Muses

Moorish arch

Nice Christian sarcophagus of a couple gazing at each other

The museum...a large barrel vault

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