Thursday, April 6, 2017

Sacred Valley, 2

Continuing our turbuss pilgrimage in the Sacred Valley...
Beautiful streets of old Ollantaytambo

The fortress, which we will climb; the Incas held out here
for a time...

But first, yet another market

He'll drink to that

Across the (sacred) valley

In the fortress

Cyclopic, indeed

Spare parts

Moving right we are about half-way between
Ollantayambo and Cusco, at a textile center...Ausangate? The
sun is down, we are above 12,000 feet, it is cold, but some
members of our turbuss party wanted to visit this place...

In the classroom

Cleaning alpaca wool

Dye materials, all natural, of course


The old-fashioned way...impressive

Classroom #2

Special moment #2: after nearly a month in Peru, the only
guinea pigs I have seen have been in paintings or on menus;
finally, a whole pen of them, including this cooperative little

And this inquisitive yearling alpaca

With Vicki

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