Friday, April 28, 2017

Restaurante Sobrino de Botin; Or, World's Oldest Restaurant

So, having finished the flea market, our tummies indicated it was time for lunch. In America. Lunch time in Spain was still an hour or more away, leaving us plenty of time to explore, examine, wait, and wait; and wait.  At length, wandering around, we decided upon Sobrino de Botin, which Guiness certifies as the world's oldest (still operating) restaurant. We were impressed. Very impressed. Vicki especially wanted to try their specialty, roast suckling pig. I wanted the garlic soup. Surprisingly, very surprisingly, we got in and got a table, and...
Wandering the streets of old Madrid in search of a restaurant
that was open before 1PM


And legendary garlic soup; but not open

At last! Never mind that the people who do the
Guinness certifications are not sober

Opening soon; the tour bus crowds stop, pose, but don't stay
for the opening; Vicki is first in line; we are hopeful

And we are in! Climbing to the 2nd floor

The (Gringo) menu

Includes a history of the place

White sangria, our Spanish drink of choice

Historic photo

My garlic soup; yum

My scrambled eggs with salmon; extra yum

Vicki's suckling pig; not much meat, she said, not very tasty;
at least it wasn't grain-fed

Panning around; I think we had dessert; maybe not

Lots of old tile

So at this point I wander into the kitchen to see the allegedly
300-year old oven

And there are the specialty; dozens of them

Roasting of the Innocents; Vicki says had she seen this she might
have gone for the chicken; or maybe even the fish

Almost lunch-time!

Historic photograph, re-take

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Tawana said...

Oh, we had roasted suckling pig one night...don't think it was in Madrid, though. Supposed to be tender enough to cut it with a China plate, then you smash the plate on the floor. We liked the meat, but would have preferred to just have meat on the plate, not see the whole pig!