Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Real Time Update #118

So I am almost a month behind on the blog and alert readers have demanded an update...
We are in Spain; after a couple weeks in Middle California,
United and Lufthansa flew us to Barcelona and a bus got us to
Figueres, where we had stored Le Duc, our European camper;
here, we are provisioning at one of my favorite supermercados,
the Carrefour in Figueres, which features products from 2.5
of the world's great cuisines (France is just across the snowy
Pyrenees)(the population along the Costa Brava is heavily

And I had just remarked to Vicki that I bet
they don't have Inca Cola...I bet Oro Andino
is pretty close; we bought Sangria instead

Squid ink is not easily found in the Americas,
but it is plentiful here

Our reunion with Le Duc was happy until we discovered the
18 year old water pump was leaking; but the nice folks at
the Caravan Center in Fig got us a replacement PDQ, losing
little time (the jet lag was not so kind)

And I took the opportunity to visit another
favorite, the Decathlon store in Fig: Rebecca,
they still have the kiddie backpacks for $2.99,
want another? Really hot pink this year

So we spent several nights at the aire de camping cars in Quart,
a pleasant burb of Girona, unpacking, reorganizing, installing,
planning, recovering from the flights and jet be
continued, after I finish South America and Middle California

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Rebecca said...

Penelope says yes, please! Though she'd like the green or purple instead. :)