Monday, April 17, 2017

Museu Nacional d'Art Catalunya: Modernist

The MNAC mixes Modernist painting, sculpture, furniture, etc., pretty freely, which seems appropriate. It was a movement, of sorts, that spilled over every line.
In a display of furniture by Gaudi and his disciple Jujol; Gaudi
had few disciples...

Did not get the title or artist, but liked this

Loved this one, too, Ramon Casas' Bull (Dead
; note the matador hiding behind the
live horse

Pablo Gargallo, Portrait of Picasso, 1913

Fransesc Masriera, In the Presence of the Lord,
1891; somehow Klimtish (is that a word?)

Dali's portrait of his father, 1925; they did not agree on art

Among the domes at MNAC

Picasso's Woman in Hat and Fur Collar, 1937


Age of posters..evaporated milk and absinthe...a popular Spanish
drink even today is Tiger's Milk...milk and gin; seriously

Cointreau for kiddies?

Another Ramon Casas, Ramon Casas and Pere Romeu in a
Motor Car
, 1901

Alas, my favorite Casas was on loan in Madrid

More incredible furniture

Lambert Escaler, Female Bust with Mirror, 1902

Entire rooms...

This space available

Incredible stuff, incredible age...too bad it was such a dead end

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Rebecca said...

What a fabulous museum! We will have to visit next time. Your captions are pretty funny too. :)