Sunday, April 16, 2017


Somehow, our visits to Barcelona have never taken us to Montjuic, a great hill overlooking much of the city, which includes the National Museum of Catalan Art, numerous other museums, gardens, the Olympic stadium, and much more. We began trying to make up for this lapse with two days of visits, mostly at the national museum.
Plaza de Espanya

Towers at the head of the boulevard leading up the hill

Nearby coliseum

Looking up the hill, the imposing building is the MNAC, the
Museu Nacional d'Art Catalunya; really imposing

Looking back; escalators climb the hill all the way to museum

A favorite image of Barcelona


On our second day we took in the Caixa Forum

And its former Modernista factory

Undulating rooftop

Very thin curving bricks...

Helpful model #13,458

Fountain now on

Impressive place, only the surface of which we scratched; we'll be

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Rebecca said...

We saw the fountains playing at night one night we were there--just gorgeous!