Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Machu Picchu, 2

Continuing our March 11th visit to Machu Picchu...
The four-windowed wall (or was it five?)

The Wall of Sacred Subsidence (some of the guides said it was
earth-quake damage)(much more exciting)

Jig-saw wall

Many-windowed wall

Storehouses along the terraces; there are so many terraces at
Machu Picchu, many more than would have been needed to
feed its small population, that some theorize it was a
"university" or at least an Ag R&D station; our guide was
of this persuasion

A landslide almost obliterated switchback #23

After the formal tour, Charlie left us to our
own devices, which included the snack shoppe;
the purple corn drink was quite good; gluten-
free, too

Homage to Hiram Bingham

And a subtle reminder that there were half a dozen families
living at Machu Picchu when he "discovered" it

Interesting cloud and shadow effects


They also serve...

Good work if you can get living on an animal
refuge on the high arid plains; plus the tourists feed you all
manner of interesting treats

Irrigation/spare parts

Mountain not climbed

Rarely-seen back side

If you visit Machu Picchu, be sure to bring either a guide or
a guidebook...

This is absolutely the only interpretive signage there

Other side again

Llamas are extremely territorial

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