Sunday, April 9, 2017

Casa Museu Castell Gala Dali, Pubol, 2

Continuing our visit to Castell Gala Dali, Pubol, Spain...
Among the photos displayed



Dali's last studio, after her death; he lived at Pubol a few years,
then returned to Figueres

Great hall window

Ceiling of the great hall

Courtyard view of balcony

Gala's tomb (Salvador's is at the Museu/Teatro in Figueres)

Another village view

His car? Hers?


Casa/castell view

Mountain view

Alhambra fountain?

The rather more famous Wagner fountain: Fafner in the center,
two muses (drama and music, of course), and 14 Wagner masks

Famous garden ornaments

Chapel adjacent to castle

Dali objects all over the village

Springtime beauty

Nice place, Pubol


Tawana said...

...and the view is spectacular!

Rebecca said...

A Fafner fountain! How cool!