Thursday, April 27, 2017

Best €15.50 Tasting Menu Ever, So Far: Ares In Tarragona

After the cathedral we headed for a restaurant we had read about, Ares. What attracted us initially was the guidebook description of it as Modernista. That turned out to be true, sort of, but the food, traditional Catalonian, was at least as good as the decor. As it turned out, it is a mom and pop restaurant--she cooks, he serves--and he designed the place 12 years ago. We had the five-plate tasting menu.
Beautiful old city

Ares restaurant

Interior views

The meal started off with bread and olives, and the included

Then, the beginning of the five plates...first, a salad

Then a creamy squash soup

Then couscous with chicken and carrots

Then the sardines (I got all the sardines)

Then the pork medallions with patatas (what was left of them)

Then--we were tired of flan--cacao coated almonds

And coffee

Then more of the decor

It was early for lunch...1:30, so we were the
first customers of the day

Neat place
Exterior wall, with original column, arch

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