Monday, April 17, 2017

Barcelona Scenes, 4

Walking around April 13th, after Montjuic (Maunday Thursday), and 15th (Black Saturday, aka Sabbatum Sanctum)...we thought it might be good to take in a church or two...
Heading for the Bari Gotic

Still loving the architecture

Built right into the Roman wall

Narrow alley

More beauties on a big street

St. Mary of the Sea, another favorite

We're thinking of doing a week or so of the Camino Santiago
(Carmen San Diego) and so may spend a few nights like this

Skyward in the Chancel of St. Mary of the Sea

Resto interior

Art Deco?!

Cathedral of Barcelona

Inside the cathedral; one of the things I don't like about Spanish
cathedrals is that the screen/choir/whatever always limits your
view of the length and majesty of the building

At least there's TV for the seats with obstructed views...

We now know that at least some gold was left
behind back in Peru

Plus, they have a Black Jesus here in BCN: pray to him during

"This machine does not give change"

Seriously old Baptismal...1433

Across the street at the TI, a seriously helpful model of the
great city

Pretty much where we have spent the last two weeks, except
when at the campground

Cathedral spire

Christian spirit lives on in the market too

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Tawana said...

We saw more stores with smocked clothes and also children wearing smocked clothes in Spain than either England or France. I loved looking in the shop windows at the beautiful children's clothes.
If you do the Camino, let me know!