Saturday, April 15, 2017

Barcelona Scenes, 3

Another day's rambles...
But this day, we finally did a house tour, the Casa Amatlla, on
the Block of Discord, only open since 2016 (next post)

Its younger, rather more famous, next-door neighbor

And after that, time for another lunch at Cerviceria Catalana
(great location in L'Eixample)

The "Spanish" omelette was awful, but the anchovies were
fine...for Catalonia...the land of the bland

Famous farmacia nearby

Walking now on Valencia and/or Mallorca

Risking serious neck injury

Passing a garden market

Only when Penelope is with us...

We walked as far as the Familia Sangria, just to make sure work
was still on-going

Tower of St. Dionysus

Actually, but for the tourists, things seemed rather quiet

Especially on the side of St. Rebar, which has looked much the
same in the years we have been visiting BCN

Although most of the Modernnistas in the
touristy part of town are well marked,
occasionally you find one that isn't; this
beauty contained mostly law offices


We took the 5PM shuttle back to the campground, just in time
to watch the sailboat races...

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Tawana said...

I think that the Sagrada Familia is absolutely one of my favorite cathedrals in the world. I'm not sure why I like it so much since I usually like really old things, but it is so breathtaking inside that I fell in love with it.
Wes would have loved your sailboat races.