Saturday, November 14, 2015

Lottery Losers At The Wave

So probably the toughest ticket in the Southwest, or possibly the world, is The Wave, one of Nature's more extraordinary desert sandstone displays, the six mile hike to which is controlled and administered by the BLM. Such is its popularity. We had never heard of The Wave before, but, seeing some photographs in various places, we were hooked; totally. Of course, you need a wilderness permit, to be obtained at the BLM offices in Kanab. And what you discover, upon presenting yourself there for application, is that there is a Wave Lottery, conducted daily (including weekends and holidays), at 9AM, via which ten persons per day are permitted to make the journey. Part of our staying in Kanab an extra day or two was to enter the Wave Lottery for a Thursday hike.  
The Wave; off the web

Ditto; just Google/image Wave, Utah and you'll come up
with lots more; it's one of the landscape photographer's
ultimate dreams

So we arrived extra early Wednesday morning, Veterans' Day,
assuming punctuality might carry some weight...Fortune favors
the early bird...right?

So there were 77 contestants that Wednesday morning; here,
the Lottery Goddess is explaining the process, eligibility, the
hike, the risks, etc; she was good...I have never felt better
informed and prepared...seriously

1/77 isn't bad, certainly better than Powerball; and I was feeling
unusually optimistic

But it was not to be our day to visit The Wave

Maybe next spring, or fall, I'll post some pix like this of us
hiking The Wave...

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