Friday, November 13, 2015

Kanab, Utah's Little Hollywood

The town of Kanab prides itself on being the epicenter of Utah's once-formidable Western film and TV industry. Beginning with Tom Mix in 1924 and then the big studios a few years later, Kanab saw a parade of some of the greatest stars and film-makers for half a century. Not a small part of all this was the entrepreneurship of the Parry brothers, who promoted the landscape and lore and who provided the lodge that would be production headquarters for countless movies and TV shows. Parry's Lodge is still there, and there is a free Museum of Little Hollywood (and Trading Post), but the main interest to us were the many plaques lining the main drag. For those of our vintage (and with an interest in both western and cinema history), it was a fun stroll, full of memories and a few discoveries.
It all started with this guy, but the big studios
were not far behind

Another of the Immortals

Did you know that the Rat Pack originally was
founded by Bogey and that the name was
bestowed by Lauren Bacall? Extra credit: name
a western in which Bogey played a supporting

OK, this would have been a Western in the 18th

Just a flesh wound; OK, so where is Cleavon
Little (of Blazing Saddles fame)?

North, east, south, or west, this guy was funny

Just passed away...into a Technicolor Heaven,

Never played the bad guy...except in real life

Never played the bad guy...

Also a snake whisperer

Everyman's Everyman

She and Roy and Trigger were going through a
rough patch...

#1 TV Western

#1 movie cowboy; also never played a bad guy...

Outside the Little Hollywood Museum

Among the many sets at the Museum, this from The Outlaw
Josey Wales;
made of styrofoam or somesuch, of course

Presumed origin of the Blazing Saddles
character; bonus question: who was the referent
of Mel Brooks' character, Governor William J.

Entrance to Parry's Lodge


Tawana said...

Those old westerns were wonderful. I always like it when it is easy to tell the bad guys from the good buys just by the color of their hats. The bad guys always get caught, too. My kind of stories!

Tawana said...

Sorry...bad guys and good guys...maybe good buys sometimes, too!