Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fisher Towers

Exactly 21 miles up the Colorado River from Moab is the short road to Fisher Towers, a place of spectacular southwestern scenery and also a hub of rock-climbing activity. We hiked the Towers back to The Titan and then drove the Lasal Loop, up into the mountains and then back down to Moab, all on Monday.
Environs, Fisher Valley

Some of the Towers, from the trailhead

Proceeding on

Way up there

At least two parties on this one

Way up there


Lunch break, with cup-holder

The Titan, the big one we came to see...900
feet above the valley

Fixed ladder on the trail

Towers all over

And a last look


Rebecca said...

Those climbing pictures make me queasy just to look at!

Tawana said...

So, did you climb any or just take photos?

Mark said...

Last roped climbing I did was 1989, on the Matterhorn. Just solo walk-ups since. Can't even tie a bowline anymore. What a drag it is getting old.