Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Death Valley Out-Takes

Extreme western scene out our window one morning

One day, to get our steps, we walked over to the ("historic")
Furnace Creek Inn

We got our steps

And passed by this historical marker
concerning the Death Valley 49ers, who had
a rough time crossing the Valley; they killed
their oxen and burned their wagons, having
resolved to make jerky and walk out (over the
Sierra Nevada mountains and Mojave Desert);
today's San Francisco 49ers are still in Death

Moon over the mountains

Best moon shot ever, so far, by me

Among the out-takes were ourselves, heading east from the
Valley, we drove up to a place called Dante's View (get it?),
which does provide an impressive look at the waste and
desolation below; more than impressive, it sort of redeemed
our visit to Death Valley

Badwater Basin from the heights

Closer up, including the line out which we walked a few days

Small crater in the Badwater area

Looking south, bad storms brewing

Us, there, already gale force

Driving ever on into the waste and desolation, approaching a
sand storm

Finally reaching our destination, Don Laughlin's Riverside
Casino, Hotel, and RV Park, the Caras Galadhon, the heart of
RVdom on earth...we have a coupon...900 campsites...Vicki
says we may have to stay more than a week...

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Rebecca said...

I love the Dante reference. After reading your reports, Death Valley has been removed from my bucket list. :)