Monday, November 23, 2015

Death Valley Days, 4

Sunday was certainly our best day in Death Valley: we toured the Borax Museum in Furnace Creek. Under the roof it is small and compact, but the yard contains a great variety of implements related to mining, particularly borax mining in the Valley. The woman who staffs the museum was quite knowledgeable and could name nearly all hosts of the famed radio/TV show Death Valley Days. I was impressed.

You have to be of a certain age...

Actually, there were never more than 18 mules since the last
pair, closest to the wagon, had to be horses; see below


Wagon routes in the Valley

The last round-up

Many mineral displays

Death Valley Days ran on radio or TV pretty
much continuously from 1930 to the early
1970s, certainly the longest-running western
of any sort; looking at the long list of episodes
and actors/actresses, one can see virtually a
who's who of people looking for work in
Hollywood in the 50s and 60s; Reagan both
hosted and starred in many episodes; his last
acting gig, unless, of course, you count his
terms as California governor and US president...


Anyhow, out in the yard, some impressive stuff

Impressive to the impressionable, that is

20 mule team feed wagon

BIG wheels

"Dinah, won't you blow, Dinah, won't you blow..."

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Ken Kranz said...

The large array of what appear to be bullet holes in Dinah's stack is a nice touch.