Thursday, November 12, 2015

Bryce Canyon National Park

We'd been to Bryce in the early 90s with our daughters. It was the summer-time, and I remember thinking "wouldn't this be interesting to see with some snow on it?" Be careful what you wish for. This time we got to Bryce in between storms, and my 25 year-old wish was granted. There also was snow and ice on the trails and pathways out to the overlooks. Bryce is mostly about 7,500-8,100 feet in elevation. Another storm was on the way, and we wanted to get to the north rim of the Grand Canyon before that next storm closed the road for the season. So, we spent but a few hours in Bryce. Fortunately, it is one of the nation's smallest national parks, and its main road--everything of interest is east of the road--is less than 20 miles long. But what a glorious 20 miles!
An arch, and not a small one, too

We arrived a bit past lunch-time, and I was concerned about
light for the pix; but there was plenty, and the objects of interest
were east and down and far away


Regarding the geology here, refer to the color-coded depiction
of the Grand Staircase (vermillion, chocolate, white, gray, and
pink sandstone cliffs...) at the end of the preceding post; the
amphitheaters, fins, spires, arches, hoodoos, etc., of Bryce are
all from the top-most pink cliffs of the Grand Staircase; 8,000
feet up there

Us, there


A forest of spires

Pretty incredible place

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Tawana said...

As usual, spectacular scenery. Glad you got to see it in spite of your wish for snow.