Sunday, November 1, 2015

Arches National Park, I

After leaving Montana--camping last at Clark Canyon--we drove on south, spending a bit of time in northern Utah to find some camper parts, but eventually on further still to the Canyonlands region in southeastern Utah, arriving Monday night and parking out in the boonies north of Moab, near the Willow Springs road. Lots of dispersed camping there, as the forest service calls it. Our first day in the region we spent simply exploring Arches National Park. We'd been there before, in 1990, but our memories were few and faint. We're planning to spend a month or more in Utah's pretty incredible array of national parks, monuments, and other entities. I've never had a taste for desert landscapes, but it's definitely growing.
Vicki, Rebecca, and Rachel under one of the Windows arches
in 1990

So anyhow here we are in Arches NP, 2015, looking across a
landscape of petrified dunes... 

The Lasal mountains, some over 12,000 feet, forming a distant
southeastern backdrop

Balanced Rock, one of the park's major non-arch sights...more
of it later

Hiking around in the Windows section, Double Arch

Click to enlarge; this will be on the quiz

North and South Windows

Turret Arch

Vicki on the hike

Canyon vista

A bit of the Fiery Furnace, which I hiked later in the week

Cairn cult, nearby

Balanced Rock, again, with Balanced Mini-Me
Rock in background left

Sometimes a pinnacle is just a pinnacle

Pretty neat place that we look forward to exploring further

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Tawana said...

Some of these photos remind me of Cappadocia (love it that spell-check wants to change that word to Cappuccino!).