Friday, November 20, 2015

4 Nights And 5 Days In Las Vegas

One day was mostly getting there and the last day was mostly provisioning...Smiths', BB&B, Costco, plus some truck repairs and RV maybe it was 4 nights and 3 days. Circus Circus still maintains a very affordable RV lot at the upper end of the Strip, and that it where we parked. We walked the Strip several times, did a show...Zumanities...a fun and interesting time-share presentation, for which we were amply rewarded, and also the outstanding buffet breakfast/lunch at Caesars (bottomless mimosas on our Groupon). Of course, we also gamed, losing a little but not so much as to be either poorer or wiser. We have been to Vegas enough times to be able to track its development, at least personally, and to have a variety of stories, the best of which are due to long-ago friends Michael and Lisa and also to the Smithsonian Institution and the Federation of State Humanities Councils (we stayed in a non-gaming hotel, if you can believe such a thing exists (believe!)). Anyhow, below are some nearly random pix from our visit.
It is of course the simulacra capital of the Known Universe


Zumanities was here; also lots of memories
from the piano bar of yesteryear

Not pictured: the surprising number of indigents
and homeless, everywhere

We got there at least in part because of my
confusing Cirque de Soleil with Blue Man
Group; but it was amusing and edifying,
especially at 1/2 price;  I also occasionally
confuse Frodo with Harry Poppins

Most of what you see is merely imitative of
other places in the world or imagined places
in the world...but there are occasional 
glimpses of architectural creativity; and
much appreciated

Did you know that Clark County is named for the Montana
Copper King William Clark? When the Montana legislature
elected him to the US Senate, the process was so openly
corrupt that the Senate refused to seat him; says much about
Las Vegas' springs and origins and nature...

Favorite places, as these things go

Walking neon billboard

Sad thoughts of Paris and France and the world, now


Exhibit A from the era when Las Vegas was trying to promote
itself--don't laugh--as a family vacation destination

Hans, Franz, and Tony; "we eat you up!"

Hail, Caesar ("hail, yes!")

Ceiling at Bellagio front desk; we always visit the Chihuly

Bellagio fountains at rest (we'd seen them at play the night
before but didn't take pix)

Elsa takes a time-out to check messages

You'd think a place like Las Vegas would be over the top in
the Xmas decorations department; at the giant Fashion Show
mall, however, this is the only sort of Xmas thing you see; is
Las Vegas anti-Christmas?! I leave you with that troubling


Tawana said...

You know, I have never been to Vegas. Wes has been there for meetings, but it just never interested me. I have friends and even relatives who go often, but I've never wanted to go. We did go to Reno with our kids and stayed at Circus Circus there. Glad you enjoyed your stay. We are in Chicago now...snow last night and today.

Mark said...

Tawana, you must visit Las Vegas. You cannot fully understand the evil of your countrymen/persons without visiting Las Vegas. Even worse than Disney Land/World/whatever. Enjoy the snow but stay warm.