Saturday, July 3, 2010

Nice Is Nice 2

Later, we ventured down the hill a bit, to the Marc Chagall National Museum, basically a collection of 17 very large Old Testament scenes he painted, plus some other bits. I do like Chagall--very conceptual, in ways I can understand--though he was not one iota French. If you want a national museum, it helps to have the Minister of Culture (Malroux) as a close personal bud. After that, for us, it was time for the beach.
The Marc Chagall National Museum

Impressive Chagall painting (whose title
I will add)

In the auditorium, just a little of the stained glass he was
famed for (designing)

Chagall's take on Noah, the Ark, and the Flood

OK, so now we are at the beach; Nice has some 3 dozen
public beaches; and it was beach-weather

Sun worshippers on the plage

Closer-up; this is the place where many men learn to use
the zoom lens

The great old hotel Negresco, now under renovation

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