Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Costa del Sol

Why we didn't go to the top of Gibraltar

The Costa del Sol used to be a string of fishing villages;
none is left; they're all condo communities now

There's a beach and a sea down there somewhere

There it is

Malaga, part of it

Se hablo espanol! Some 1 million UK residents own
property in Spain, most of it in the Costa del Sol; they bring
their culture and language, but not weather; we've read that
few restaurant menus here are in anything but English

We awoke Monday morning to the continuing auto paseo down our little street and also to unforecasted rain and clouds. Thus ended our interest in the cable-car ride to the top of Gibraltar. From Tarifa and environs we had already seen the two continents and the two seas, and who needs to see rain and clouds from 1,400 feet? We waited for the clotted cream lorry at Morrison's until we were told it would be Tuesday (Vicki was very disappointed; all those scones and no clotted cream!), and then headed on east along the coast, Spain's famous Costa del Sol. Our goal had been Nirja, but, finding no suitable camping site there, we pressed on to the beatiful little coastal town of Almunecar. Wandering down to the beach area, we found one of the better sites we have ever had, right on the water, upscale high-rise neighborhood, lots of other RVs, no prohibitions, no cost. But the rain continued, almost all night long. We are beginning to wonder whether the Mediterranean is big enough to hold all this water.

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