Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Nata Bird Sanctuary

The evening of our stay at the Nata Lodge, several of us went out for a sunset safari truck tour of the nearby Nata Bird Sanctuary. We had contemplated doing this on our own, earlier in the day, but wisely figured the sand was too much for our heavy 2x2 rigs. All this September 4th.
I was last to arrive, so got to ride shot-gun with the driver/guide;
when I fastened the seat-belt, he cutely asked whether I was a cop
or a boy scout

Sanctuary office; a simple affair

Sand roads throughout

Leading to dried pond; pans; we are in the Kalahari now,
grassland Kalahari

An ostrich flees

Very dry lake bed

Blue Wildebeeste

Curious zebra

For some reason, there are no predators here...

Our main interest, however, was the flamingos

Stalking flamingos

Pink flutterment

A pair of Kori Bustards (I think)

Another African sunset


Tawana said...

Your sunset photos are fabulous!

Rebecca said...

Penelope loves the pelican! :) Great pics.