Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Crystal Bridges Museum Of American Art: Outside

Our stint in DC ended. Rachel and Will returned to find Daphne, Peter, and Bianca alive and well, and still in captivity, and other things in order, except perhaps the somewhat depleted supply of wine and spirits. We moved our act back to Knoxville, to reclaim Le Sport and to spend a few more days with Marie and Norm and Stacey and the boys. The usual threatening weather (December now) forced us on to Fayetteville and old-time friends Tawana and Wes. They were our upstairs neighbors in married student housing at Florida State in the late 60s. We have stayed in touch all these years, watched each others' children grow up, and visited whenever we could. They figure in quite a few previous episodes of this blog. Anyhow, we had been wanting to see Bentonville's Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, and Tawana was happy to oblige.

Crystal Bridges is a purpose-built museum, quite new, the complex designed to complement its natural setting. The buildings and exterior are worth a post by themselves.
Google Earth view
Has a sister in Bilbao



Assorted buildings; the complex has everything you'd want in
a contemporary museum, library, research center, auditorium,
special exhibits areas, etc.

Bridge over Crystal Creek

Panning around the assortment of buildings ranged around the

One of the exterior highlights is a Frank Lloyd Wright
USONIAN house moved to Crystal Bridges from its original
setting in New Jersey; here, a helpful model


No fotos inside

But the guided tour was great

Helpful info

About this point, Tawana astutely noted the similiarity between
the buildings' roofs and

The local delicacy, indeed imitates nature

Beautiful place, and that's just the outside

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Tawana said...

Enjoyed our outing to Crystal Bridges. I always see something new every time I go.