Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Erdigg House: The Gardens

The gardens at Erdigg were constructed in the early 1700s, in the formal style prevalent at the time, before the influence of Culpability Brown. The Yorkes included not a few antiquarians and somehow maintained the older regime through the Georgian and Victorian eras. By the time the gardens came to the National Trust, they were a mess, but ample historical documentation permitted a brilliant reconstruction, and what one sees today is very much like the original plan.
A bit of the history


Today's head gardener's notes

Obligatory tiki hut

Worth a second look

Virtually every National Trust site has a kiddie
park; and attendant humor

History of one of our favorite plants


Today's wedding photo

Great gardens


Rebecca said...

Love the sweet pea!

Tawana said...

I am still amazed that people actually lived in houses like these.