Saturday, December 5, 2015

Joshua Tree National Park: Keys View

Later we drove up to Keys View, a high point in the park's southwestern periphery, for a magnificent view of the Coachella Valley, from the Salton Sea to past Palm Springs. It was an unusually clear day, and we could easily see Signal Mountain, near the border with Mexico, 95 miles away.
A good bit of Coachella valley, Salton Sea on the left, Palm
Springs on the right

Humongous, California-size wind farm to the right

Helpful signage; click to enlarge

More of the valley

Salton Sea and Signal Mountain in the 95 mile distance; the
Salton Sea is a giant salt lake, formed, inadvertently, when a
dike burst on the Colorado River in the early 1900s; a lake
had been there on and off for aeons; the dike was repaired after
2 years, and the lake is sustained chiefly by agricultural runoff
from the Imperial and Coachella valleys; the salt content is
much higher than that of the oceans, and few species of fish
now survive in it; it is a birder's paradise, however, with over
400 species observed; it sits on the intersection of
three different major faults, including the San Andreas; and it
is but a few feet higher than Death Valley, that is, a couple
hundred feet below sea level; we decided to pass on visiting
the Salton Sea

Palm Springs is said to have nearly 100 golf courses


Panoramic shot

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