Thursday, October 1, 2015

Taggart and Bradley Lakes Hike

Another day we did the hike up to and around Taggart and Bradley Lakes, two glacial lakes that lay at the foot of the Grand Teton, 5-6 miles with modest elevation gain. We'd done the hike before, in the 70s, but the whole area was engulfed in a wildfire in 1985 that rendered it unappealing. Thirty years later, the trees are back, not yet mature, but enough to be beautiful and to strengthen one's faith in recovery and regeneration. If one lives long enough. The reflections of the Tetons in Bradley Lake were a special treat.
Nez Perce, the Middle Teton, the Grand, Mt. Owen, and
Teewinot, from the beginning of the hike

Distant but interesting symmetry...

Looking up Avalanche Canyon toward the South Teton

Taggart Lake

Reflection in Bradley Lake; interestingly, I didn't see this,
eating lunch by the lake, until I looked through the camera...

The Grand Teton, ditto

Teton view from Taggart Lake

 seral forest here

But fall color all around

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Tawana said...

Great photos. Wes was just asking me tonight where you were now.