Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Middle California Out-Takes

High-level work (one summer during college I did elevator
construction, brutal but high-level work)

View-shed; from the top of the Fairmont

Tidying up a black cab, before the next call

The Fairmont sources its own honey

Mercury Resting--San Francisco, as any great
city, is studded with sculpture; this one
commissioned by the University Club in
1915 for an international exhibition; "relocated
for the enjoyment of all"

On Market St.--dedicated to "the mechanics"

Commemorating the invention of the slot machine

Reminiscent of Paris

"Skip to my loo"--at Fairyland

Oakland's Grande Lake Theatre--notable historically,
architecturally, politically...

Disappearing into the fog...

On our smart phones, of course!

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