Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Au Parc des Buttes Chaumont, Paris

Rachel visited the Parc des Buttes Chaumont during her stay with us and came back raving. So it got on to our short-list for non-rainy days...and the quatorzième de juillet dawned bright and fair. Well, cloudy but not raining.
Historique, indeed; developed and opened in
Napoleon III's tenure as yet another ploy to
keep the little people happy and busy...three
big Revolutions in 60 years was enough...
anyhow, Paris' great system of public parks is
unrivaled, and among the major half dozen or
so, including Butte-Chaumont, each has a quite
different origin and history; Buttes-Chaumont
was mostly a quarry and refuse site until
Napoleon III's architects and landscapers went
to work; it's in the 19th

Its most famous feature is its Temple of the
Sybil, a copy of the Temple of the Vesta at
Tivoli, which we must have seen there but
which did not make as big an impression on
me as on many other people (the Vesta temple
is one of the most copied from the Roman

Vicki and P at the Temple de la Sybille

Nice views, mostly north; the views of the central city are
obscured by trees

Part of another major feature, the pond that encircles the
promontory on which the temple is located

Buttes-Chaumont features one of the first uses of concrete
to mimic wood railings, benches, etc., thus

Of course it's all luxuriantly landscaped

Vicki and P on the suspension bridge designed
by Gustave Eiffel

Another view of the temple and pond

And another picnic in the park!

Not a great day or hour for landscape photography, but the
subject was impressive

There is interesting sculpture all around

And waterfalls

And grottoes with waterfalls (all artificial)

Vicki and P...just before the incident at the

More sculpture...Pan

And another special ride

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Tawana said...

We have never been to that park. Must put it on our list. Wish I could sit cross legged like P is doing at your picnic in the park. Oh, for young knees!