Sunday, March 16, 2014

Summit Of Mt. Doom

I tarried a bit on the summit; it's a big summit crater rim, with the views one wants only at its extremities.
On the rim

Crossing over to the summit

Ruapehu, another volcano, on whose slopes we spent
Christmas, 2008, at Whakapapa; the relevant LOTR
filming was done on Ruapehu, where there's a ski village
and resort

Actual summit of Ngauruhoe

Summit selfie

The trailhead and car park in the distance

Up closer

On the awful descent

Looking back up; surprisingly, I got back down with no bruises
nor abrasions and with no rips nor tears in my clothing

It was still a two hour walk back to the carpark

Vicki came out to meet me on the trail, and we were treated
to a fine sunset behind Mt. Taranaki, a hundred miles away


Rebecca said...

Gorgeous, but looks like a grueling hike!

Mark said...

Beyond grueling, worst I've ever done; not for any other mountain would I have done this.

Tawana said...

Glad you made it back in one piece with another momentous hike under your belt.

Rachel said...

This really does look scary!