Friday, March 29, 2013

Loose In Toulouse, 2

After lunch we walked more of the old town, mainly to see the Capitolium and the Jacobins church...
Another street scene

The Capitolium, traditional offices of government

West end of one of the weirdest chburches
yet, the Jacobins, in Toulouse

Weird especially because of its structure, interior lay-out...
a single file of thins columns; sort of like a circus tent

The vaulting increased in complexity as we headed east,
finally, here, in the chancel; one of the guide books explained
that the structure was dictated by 13th century property and
traffic circulation problems

Of primary interest, however, is the shrine
of St. Thomas Aquinas, the major theologian/
philosopher of the Catholic Middle Ages; it's
a Dominican church, and it got his bones

Grimont's nice little aire de camping-cars

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