Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Day in San Francisco

So a few weeks ago we decided to do some tourism in The City, riding into town with Rebecca, Jeremy and Penelope, initially up the coast, looking for big waves, and then on into town and our main destination, Coit Tower. (They went on back to the zoo). We wanted to see the murals (next post) and do the Coit Tower and Telegraph Hill guided walks. And then more walking. And then a great dinner at Marlowe before taking the Caltrain back home.
Up from the Cliff House: the ruins of Sutro Baths; founded
in the 2nd century by Carthagenian monks, wracked by
earthquakes and the eruption of Mt. Tamalpais in 79 AD,
and then terrorized and plundered by Saracen pirates, it
finally closed in 1966; wait, no...

Golden Gate from Coit Tower

Rebecca, Jeremy, and Penelope

Coit Tower; murals in next post

Saturday on the Bay


Embarcadero and Bay Bridge

On Telegraph Hill, location for the Bogart/McCall film Dark
Passage; there's Bogey in the window if you click to enlarge

Somewhat reminiscent of Henri Guimard,
XVIIIe arrondissement

Street humor

One of the famed Telegraph Hill parrots

On Telegraph Hill; I can't believe my sister has done the
marathon twice now on these hills...

Same day, different hill

On Washington Square, the Church of Saints Peter and Paul
(and probably Mary, too)

Interior of Grace Church, someone doing the
interior pilgrims' maze

Mural of 1906

Seven miles' walk and a short bus ride later, we had a great
dinner at Marlowe, a superb and meaty little bistro, right
next to the station...thanks again, Rebecca and Jeremy

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