Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Etruscan Tombs Near Sutri

From Tivoli we headed north into Umbria. In this region and in Tuscany one sees Etruscan things, mostly tombs dug into the volcanic tufa that is everywhere. We stopped at a conveniently located complex near the small town of Sutri for a look.

And thus; throughout the region, over the centuries, the locals have generally 
used these for storage units, farm implements, broken down vehicles, placing 
garage doors into them

A bonus at Sutri is this first century amphitheater built well after the Romans 
took over; what is remarkable is that it is entirely dug out of the tufa, rather 
than built up from it

Contemporary Sutri from the amfiteatro

Meanwhile, more tombs; the Etruscans did some fine filigree, but apart from 
building tombs, I don't think they did much else

RV-sized tomb

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