Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oslo 3

Monday, after watching various boats being lifted from the marina lot into the water, we decamped and drove northeast of town, to an RV dealer who, last Friday, had said they'd look at our troubled macerator/sewage system. It's been a vexing problem for a week. Anyhow, they declined, upon examining it-—no way to lift a vehicle this size—-but they did find us a Mercedes dealer nearby which, incredibly, put the Grey Wanderer up on a big truck lift and let me work under it, in their truck garage, for more than an hour. I am pleased to say I fixed the problem; it was a very ugly chore. A US dealer doing this-—insurance, liability, risk, greed, etc.--is unthinkable. No charge, they said, glad to be of service.

We drove back into Oslo in the afternoon to see the the Vigelandsparken. It is a large public park in Oslo that the city commissioned sculptor Gustav Vigeland to design and populate with his work, which he did from 1923 until his death in 1944. The hundreds of sculptures are all super-sized, Romantic, I guess, all contributing to the theme of humanity and human destiny. The number, extent, and scale are all fairly staggering.

Afterwards, we headed north from Oslo toward Lillehammer, and are camped for the night, with other RVs, at a roadside rest right on Lake Mjosa, Norway's largest.
Boat lift at the marina campground; sorry, no pix of the 
macerator, me after working on it, etc.

One of the dozens of bridge sculptures at the 


Central fountain
One of the four iron gates opening to the main terrace

The main terrace and tower

Vigelund himself

Oslo opera

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