Wednesday, May 6, 2009

All-Time Most Interesting Campground Ever So Far

Dawn in the orchard

Apple blossoms

The camp kitchen

Apple crunching and juicing machines

The Apple is a small campground that is part of an apple orchard/cider manufacturer near Cahir. It is family-run and the kitchen/bathrooms/commons areas are actually in a large warehouse/barn adjoining the orchards. Everything is provided, 6.50 euros per person flat fee, and campers are welcome to tour the grounds, see the growing and and other processes, etc. The orchards themselves are in fullest bloom (as is most everything else in Ireland). Quite a sight. And they give you a free bottle of apple cider when you check in. (And a couple apples when you check out, too).

We are in County Tipperary and therefore presumably not a long way to Tipperary, itself.

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