Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Missoula, from the South Hills
Our "home," the Hellgate Canyon Storage Center; hey, it
has water features, a great view of Mt. Dumbo, and is near
the confluence of the Big Blackfoot and Clark Fork rivers

The Rott's dog, Zoe, demonstrates the "Corpse" pose

Back home at last! It was so nice to spend some time in a place where you don't need a map or a dictionary, and are not always visiting with strangers, even sympatico strangers. Returning to Missoula after six months was almost like re-discovering it, as we did in 1995. It is truly a special place, with special people, that we love. Our thanks to Phyllis and to Kim and Dave for putting us up, and for putting up with us.

We were in town for two weeks—last work for Humanities Montana, doctor and dentist visits, social get-togethers, some shopping, and a whole lot of work at “home,” our storage unit at Hellgate Canyon Storage, converting from a backpacker lifestyle to that of an RVer. Happily, the weather cooperated, as much as it ever does at spring-time in the Rockies. It started cold, got fairly mild, and then ended with a wintry mix as we departed on the 23rd.

Six cartons have accompanied us, together with the usual carry-on's, for our journey from Missoula to Spokane, then Las Vegas, then Tampa, where we will pick up our new rig. With so much luggage, we elected to fly Southwest with its generous luggage allowance and low fare, with a Greyhound trip across I-90 to Spokane. Except for the driver's injunction against smoking, drinking, drugs, and “profound language” (“The Real is the Rational; the Rational is the Real”?), Greyhound was OK. We've done much worse. Recently. At least we were able to use our cell phone.

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