Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Trogir is a beau village 10 or so miles up the coast from Split. Much of it is late Medieval or Renaissance. One day during our time in Split we took the bus up to Trogir and spent a few hours exploring it.
Trogir is a small island actually; just barely

Before crossing the bridge, we had to check out the market; and buy some
smoked spicy sausages and other goodies

Main gate

Pretty scenes throughout Trogir

Main square, very old clock tower and town loggia

Church tower

Church entrance; somehow we weren't in the mood; the faces weren't funny

Ceiling in the loggia

And decor

Sic transit, Gloria

On the city hall

Today's fixer-upper

Nice rustic furniture at a resto

Plenty of ancient alleys to explore

Real people actually live here

Trogir castle

Bayside harbor


Tawana said...

Love the ATM!

Tawana said...

I also remember seeing that tilled valley from the tour bus.