Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Split: The Out-Taken Bits

More Split bits...
Spare parts shoppe

I forget what these folk singers are called--they are in one of the big rooms
in the palace--close harmony, sort of like the Andrews Sisters, only in lower
register, much slower beat, and in Croatian...

In the choir of the cathedral; cellular reception is always better there; also
communication with the Almighty

Even Vicki agreed

A little scary

People shoveling their money into the (dry) baptismal font

Funny menu..."Dalmatian Bunny"

Have you ever wondered what a Croatian sex shoppe looks
like? Sure you have...

Bits of Game of Thrones were filmed here--we'll see more in Dubrovnik--but
Vicki is a fan and we had to stop in; I quit watching when they executed Sean
Bean; and refer to the show as "Tits 'n Dwarf"

Still, Tyrion and I have things in common

A common outlook in life

The Iron Throne; you have to actually buy something to
sit in it; so I merely stole a vacant shot

Something lost in translation?

New warning sign

Have I mentioned that Croatia is in the World Cup and actually doing pretty

To be continued

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