Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Split: The Other Bits

Mostly non-Roman street scenes and buildings in the old quarter...
Very narrow alleys

And nice open squares

Almost art nuvo...

Former fish market

Old archepiscopal seminary, now Islamic place of worship

Everything in the old city is paved in these polished
limestone slabs

Croatia is big truffle country; don't you know?

"Newer" building fronting the harbor

A gorgeous old building and piazza, dating, I would guess, from the Venetian
regime; no, the guidebook says, early 1800s, Napoleonic regime

Beautiful little building stuck right onto the palace 

Harbor front

Back at the peristyle Roman bit, the Luxor cafe; there is inside seating but it's
more fashionable to order a drink and sit, using one of the cushion provided,
on Diocletian's steps

Definitely not Roman

Fascinating place, the new slapped right onto the old, the old slapped right onto
the older...this is much of Europe, although here it is far more obvious, and with
far better preservation of the oldest bits

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