Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Split: More Roman Bits

More of the Roman bits of Split, Croatia...
Back in the peristyle area of the palace; a nice sphinx, one of more than a
dozen originally


Certainly the coolest thing about the palace is the basement, which extended
over about half the complex (it was built on an incline), and which you can
visit; about 1/3 is the souvenir shoppes area, here (Diocletian's Bargain

For a few kuna, you can go into the other 2/3s

Vicki points to...well, I think that's where our campground is

This is the large hall where Daenerys locked up the dragons; much more GoT
stuff coming up in the out-takes..

Abundant spare parts in the basement

Also abundant centuries of sludge and refuse the residents
dropped down through holes in the floor above;
archaeologists are drooling to get into it

Another of the sizable halls; barrel vaulting

Ever more Roman stuff

Bust, I would guess recent, of the Emperor (ret.)

Sphinx bit

And ever more spare parts

Outside, the only mosaic we saw in the place

Restaurant between the arches

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Tawana said...

Aahh...all the sights I missed because of a broken leg!