Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Return To Rome: St. Paul's Without the Walls, 2018

On Monday the 11th Alitalia got us back to Fiumicino in good order and the metro system got us by way of Ostiense back onto the familiar B line to Laurentina and the bus back to the Emerald Meadow and Le Duc. We spent the rest of the day unpacking and re-rigging the rig. While in Malta we had made reservations to visit the gallery at the Villa Borghese on Wednesday, so Tuesday became another administrative day. It so happens that my favorite lavanderia (washateria) in Rome is at the St. Paul's stop on the Metro. And so while the clothes wash and dry and fold, I walk over to visit what is still my favorite papal church in Rome. (Have I ever mentioned that one time when I was typing "papal" the texting program changed it to "Paypal"? E-indulgences?). Other than the fact that St. Paul's is old, colossal, and beautiful, tourists almost never make out here beyond the Aurelian walls. Except when doing the wash.

Eighty; count 'em

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